About SouthStar Energy

Florida Natural Gas® is Part of the SouthStar Energy Services® Multistate Family of Energy Companies

Florida Natural Gas is part of SouthStar Energy Services®. SouthStar is owned by Southern Company GasTM, a wholly owned subsidiary of Southern Company(NYSE: SO). SouthStar also operates in Georgia as Georgia Natural Gas®, in Ohio as Ohio Natural GasSM, in Maryland as Maryland EnergySM, in Michigan as Grand Rapids Energy®, in Virginia as Virginia Retail EnergySM and in other parts of the Southeast as SouthStar Energy Services. SouthStar's subsidiaries in Illinois operate as Illinois EnergySM and Illinois Energy SolutionsSM.

SouthStar Serves More than Half a Million Customers

SouthStar Energy Services combines the expertise and assets of a national supplier with the local market knowledge of a regional provider and has the financial and structural resources needed to provide reliable and cost-effective natural gas.

For nearly 20 years, SouthStar has built on the expertise of its parent company, Southern Company Gas. A history of solid financial performance and stability, as well as sophisticated in-house financial trading and risk management, has placed SouthStar in a position of leadership.

Florida Natural Gas is an important part of SouthStar's family of companies.