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About Choice in Florida

What Do We Mean by "Choice" in Florida?

The term "choice" is used throughout the natural gas industry to classify the types of customers who have the right to choose their own supplier, as opposed to buying from their native utility. These various "choice programs" are established via deregulation legislation within each particular state.

Currently within the state of Florida, competitive natural gas services are open for both commercial and industrial customer groups. Florida Natural Gas serves thousands of customers across the state - if you are interested in how we can help you, contact us.

In addition, for residential customers served by Central Florida Gas, the Customer Choice Program enables you to choose your natural gas provider. For more information, please visit or contact CFG Customer Care Center at 1-800-55-GO-GAS (1-800-554-6427).

For updated information on the status of Florida deregulation, visit the Florida Public Service Commission.